Minors w/parent or guardian until 7pm

Order online for carryout

OPEN DAILY 11am-1am


We also offer many vegan & vegetarian options. Full menu below.
Bar Bar is the buzzing sidekick of Mississippi Studios. Nice folks, from all walks of life, are most welcome here. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Gator Belts and Patty Melts

AKA Sir Lucious. A double-dose of melty swiss cheese, plus carmelized onions, house-made relish and secret sauce. It’s all served on an inverted-n-toasted pillow-soft Bar Bar bun!

The Atomic

Happy International Blondie and Debbie Harry Month! This fabulous grapefruit spritz combines New Deal 33 Gin, Gran Classico, grapefruit soda and Sparkling Brut!