Minors w/parent or guardian until 7pm

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OPEN DAILY 11am-1am



We also offer many vegan & vegetarian options. Full menu below.
Bar Bar is the buzzing sidekick of Mississippi Studios. Nice folks, from all walks of life, are most welcome here. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Heat of the Moment

This one has all the flavor and texture of a great stir-fry… on top of an equally great burger! Featuring a red cabbage and scallion slaw with A garlic/ginger/soy glaze, plus crispy wonton strips and a spicy Gochujang aioli. It’s “Fire,” as the kids rarely say anymore!

Frente a la Chimenea

A zesty, spicy little seasonal treat named for a real romantic holiday song about… what else? Falling in love in front of the fireplace, baby! Union Mezcal, Accompani Crimson Snap Amaro, chipotle honey and lemon–topped with cranberries and sage!